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2 min readJul 21, 2022

I’ve had many people tell me that they have no time to exercise, workout with weights in the gym, or even do 10k steps a day. The fact is that people will find time for what’s most important in their lives. Some times they also have a misconception or possible delusion on how much time good fitness habits take.

First of all 10k steps is achievable even by the most busy or even sedentary occupations. A simple 1 mile walk takes about 20 minutes. Check that off in the morning. There is 2k steps. A good portion of sedentary jobs you will get steps in by walking into work, getting up for bio breaks, lunch & possibly a snack which may typically reap 2k to 3k steps. . Why not stop by the gym on your lunch and get 10 to 20 minutes in the treadmill or walk in the park as part of your lunch? That’s 1k to 2k steps right there. Why park so close to the doors of your destinations unless you are in a rush or it’s storming? By the end of your day you may most likely be just 3k to 5k short of 10k. Simply wrap your evening up with a nice walk around the neighborhood, park, or at a mall or museum or on the treadmill?

Your main workouts do not need to be over an hour. Focus, stay on schedule, and focus different muscle groups on different days. Leverage your 1 minute break by walking around to achieve more steps and keep your metabolism and blood flow up in between your sets.

You could easily achieve 10k steps and your exercise routine by investing 1.5 hrs a day. I know it can be done because I do it and I’ve got a full time job, very active minor children, and serve or lead in charities and/or ministries.

Isn’t your better physical, mental and spiritual health worth 1.5 hrs a day? How much time are you spending on Facebook, or other social media? How much time are you spending on binge watching TV, or unnecessary drama?

Instead of scrolling, how about putting the devices down and go strolling? How about putting limits on your tv watching, screen time, and instead reach your limits and goals by lifting weights in the gym? Instead of getting pulled into or participating in unnecessary drama go for a hike, walk with people who inspire and love you or learn yoga, meditate, pray or listen to an audible book while going for a long walk?

Not starting, reaching and maintaining your fitness goals by saying you are too busy and/or don’t have the time is usually just a misappropriated excuse. A person can and will find time for what’s most important. Your health is important and important to your loved ones.


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