Why am I called “Twenty Four”?

Bro 24
4 min readDec 7, 2022

People have often asked me why I am called “Brother Twenty Four” or “Bro 24”. Well, I am going to try and answer this question as thoroughly and as briefly as possible.

First of all, I am rather confident all of us have had nicknames, whether it is a shortened version of our birth name or something humorous but fitting our friends or family may have nicknamed us. In addition, re-naming someone is quite profound in the bible, and often people, especially men were given new names by God or Jesus such as Simon being re-named Peter by Jesus. Saul of Tarsus being named Paul.

In the motorcycle club community, often men are given what is called a “Roadname”. It is an honor to be given a Roadname by another well respected member of a motorcycle club. Often it is a name fitting to what that man has done, or consistently does in honor of a bikers code, or demonstration of loyalty, honor, and respect. In addition something as profound, or humorous may be tied to that Roadname. Once a motorcycle club member is given this Roadname, this is what he is called moving forward in most all engagements with the motorcycle club, their brothers in the club, their brothers family, and the rest of the motorcycle club community. It is also sewn written on a patch and sewn on the motorcycle member’s vest, or what is often called a “cut”.

I started riding motorcycles around the age of 12 with mini-bikes, and dirt bikes. I got my first street bike at the age of 18 which was a Kawasaki Ninja. I sold that bike, and then bought another Kawasaki Ninja. I enjoyed riding with friends, and racing it on the race track. I sold that bike, and then bought a Honda Shadow. Unfortunately that bike was totaled in an accident to where I was hit by a negligent driver to where I broke 15 bones, was in the hospital for a month, a wheel chair for 3 months. After I was given the miraculous gift of being able to walk again, that day, I walked into the Harley Davidson dealership and purchased the Harley Davidson I have always wanted. From that point on I invested over 5 years in the Christian Motorcycle Club Community. I was part of a local chapter. Later joined another Christian MC, later came back to the original Christian MC to help re-start it as a Set Man, later I left and started another Chapter with a different Christian MC located out of state, from scratch as the President. I moved on from there, and although I am still involved with Christian MCs and Christian MMs, I am no longer a member of any Christian MC or Christian MM since 2020. However, I am grateful to all the riding, brotherhood building, and priceless friendships I have made being involved in Christian MCs and Christian MMs,. The experience, and relationships gained, has been, and is, priceless. I still ride my Harley Davidson often, most any time the temperatures are at 50 degrees of above. I take long rides, trips, and went to Sturgis in 2021 with my best friend since childhood.

I have had many nicknames and often write under a pseudonym of “DW”. My nickname of “Brother Twenty Four”, “Bro 24” or for short, “Twenty Four” was given to me as a Roadname, as well, within the Christian Motorcycle Club community by a friend, MC Brother, and Brother in Christ to whom I respect, and appreciate. His nickname/Roadname is “Ox”. In which I gave him that Roadname for a very good and slightly humorous reason.

When he first called me that I was uncertain what he was referring to, so I asked him and he expounded upon it similar to this.

Twenty Four, it is because your energy, passion, diligence, dedication, and ability to persevere through adversities, challenges, and set back is amazing and impressive. You have the energy of very young man, and seem never to sleep. You seem to be available and up twenty four hours of the day. You have been reachable and accessible at all hours, including weekends. You are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and always eager to learn, grow, apply and teach all you know to others. You have a ridiculous amount of energy and seem to be unstoppable, twenty four hours a day.

I was unaware I was making that type of impact and to be called “Twenty Four” was from that point forward a honor for me, especially bestowed upon me by this brother. So the name stuck and my vest had a patch with my Roadname and nickname on it, “Twenty Four”. I still have that patch to this very day, and I go by “Bro 24”. “Brother Twenty Four”, or simply “Twenty Four”on most of my personal and ministry social media. The name is also placed on other possessions and is signed that way when visiting, working alongside, serving with, and engaging with the motorcycle club and motorcycle ministry community. I am sometimes called “Twenty Four” or “Bro Twenty Four” in other organizations and fraternities as well.

Although I answer to my birth name, my pseudonym of “DW”, I also answer to “Twenty Four”.

So this is why I am called, “Bro 24”, and “Ox” says every time he hears the song, “Unstoppable” by Red, below, it reminds him of me, and that I have been and seem to still be unstoppable to this very day. “Ox” and I are still good friends to this very day. Love ya brother “Ox”



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